Best stocking stuffers for kids
November 11, 2022

Grayson’s Favorite Things - The best stocking stuffers for kids!

Leading up to the holidays, we are breaking down all our favorites and the things we have seen be the most popular! In fact, my son Grayson, who’s 8 years old, has listed all his favorite items that are small enough for a stocking! All things are also $15 or less. Perfect if you need a small gift!

These items are best for kids 18 months and older, up to about 10 years. Though I’m sure many adults would love some of these fun sensory stocking stuffers!

Glo Pals Characters and Cubes

“The Glo Pals® were inspired by a child with autism whose mother used the technology behind Glo Pals® to help him overcome his fear of water. His story influenced the development of the Glo Pal® characters and our mission to create a product that engages children in sensory exercises and brightens bath time. Each Glo Pals character has their own unique personality designed to celebrate the things that make all of us one-of-a-kind. Products are designed with a purpose: to nurture imagination, encourage development, and support learning through playtime.”

The Glo Pals are so much fun and really make bath fun! Grayson loves these and so does my two year old niece. In fact, we have heard from many parents who already have these, what a great addition these are to bath and playtime. Pick just the cubes, or a character, and have a blast! 

Land of Dough - Nontoxic Playdough

Land of Dough is the most eco-friendly dough on the planet, from the natural colors and compostable glitters to the paper packaging. Land of Dough is made in the USA in a wind-powered facility using reclaimed landfill gas as a heat source. Plus the signature wood play tools are sourced using sustainable forestry practices. All of the Luxe Dough Cups feature multi-layered designs for amazing play value. Each cup is an experience all its own. See what other worlds you can explore with the amazing Luxe Cups.

No other playdough is as cute as these! From patterns such as Santa, Snowman and Reindeer or Galaxy colors. We even have them in a fun size roll to add more colors! The biggest cups come with a wooden scoop, so your kids can have fun digging through all the layers. 

Growing Polymer Jupiter 

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Place your gas giant into water and it will grow to be humongous!

This growing planet is made from a chemical known as super absorbent polymer (or SAP). SAPs are amazing materials. They are long chains of molecules that join together in a net-like pattern. Water is pulled in through the holes of the net. Then the molecule chains soak up tremendous amounts of water. When the molecules absorb water, they swell and soften and transform into a hydrogel.

How big will your Jupiter grow? If your kids try it out - take a picture and tag us on social!

Magnetic Putty

Magnetic GLUX putty has many attractive properties! It's infused with millions of magnetic particles and includes a very powerful magnet to charge and demonstrate this putty's unique powers.

Challenge your kids to stretch and bounce this fun putty! 

Twistable Gel Crayons

Create artwork on dry erase coloring books, dry erase boards or laminated surfaces and instantly wipe clean. No sharpening required- just twist for more coloring fun! Ultra-soft, buttery texture makes coloring a breeze.

Grayson also loves to color with these on regular paper. In fact, so do I! These crayons are so soft and relaxing to color with. Plus the color is beautiful!

Bath Bombs with Toy Inside

Made by a team of moms whose mission is to create a better bath time for you and your kiddos with a no-whining, tear-free, most-fun bath experience for everyone.

When I say Grayson is obsessed with these, I mean it. We have tried many a bath bombs, but this had him talking for 20 minutes straight about how cool the toy inside is! Plus they smell great. Each set has a fun theme to make bath time fun and get the kids ready to enjoy their relaxing time each evening. We all deserve a little relaxation after a long day!

Sun Print Kit

An easy and exciting project that connects kids to the natural world, making Sunprints is a fun craft that also teaches science. 

Developed by educators at UC Berkeley in 1975, Sunprints teaches kids about the photographic process using only the sun, water, and a bit of imagination.

Place a flower, fern, leaves, or other object on the special photographic paper and set it briefly in the sun. Rinse the paper in water watch a beautiful long-lasting image appear before your eyes!