About Us

Cotton has earned a problematic nickname: the world’s “dirtiest crop.” It requires heavy amounts of pesticides — 80% of which are considered “moderately to highly hazardous” by the World Health Organization. It also uses some of the world’s most dangerous insecticides. Even though it only accounts for 2.5% of land in cultivation, it requires 24% of the insecticides sold worldwide. Put this way, it takes one third of a pound of synthetic fertilizers to grow enough conventional cotton to make one t-shirt. 

And when our babies and kids are our most precious, clothing them in the best quality is top priority! We have made this easier by bringing together organic cotton, bamboo, GOTS Fabrics, wooden toys and natural items. We have also done our best to collect toys that involve your child in exploration to the natural world, while having fun!

I hope you enjoy exploring our items, as much as I have enjoyed bringing them to you.

About Me: My name is Carly and I have an 8 year old son. My vision for this store has been one that brings our community together, in-store and online, in a natural way. When I was pregnant, I was very sensitive to artificial fragrances. And still today, I can only handle strong smells for so long! There are so many candles I love, and I can only light them for about 15 minutes! And when I was pregnant, using skincare products with fragrances? Forget about it. This led me down the path of creating my own natural, and herbal infused, skincare line - Blue Lemon Beauty. Which will be sold in store for moms! Over the years I have met people with the same sensitivities, and those who cannot have any scent at all. Plastic toys and products with scents don't help for the cause. Especially for children that have sensitive skin, allergies and are growing into their senses. So let's reduce our carbon footprint together!