Story Creations Board Game: Learn Skills! STEM Toys For Kids


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Story Creations is a board game that stimulates storytelling and creativity. Storytelling encompasses many valuable life skills such as language, communication and confidence, listening skills, memory and imagination. Story Creations is for boys and girls of age 5, age 6 and age 7. ✅ WHAT’S IN THE BOX: All you need to have a momentous storytelling adventure again and again! An island hopping board, instructions, cue cards to create crazy stories, sand timer to add a time pressure, a spinning wheel to tell you how to act (e.g. with sound effects and more!) and counters to mark your way on your journey. When you tell a story in the time limit and include all of the words on the card, collect tokens for your success! ✅ WHY CHOOSE THIS STEM GAME: Help your child develop the soft skills needed to succeed! Story creations helps develop language development, creativity and confidence… all through the fun of storytelling. Educational Toys, STEM Learning, Brain Games For Kids, Homeschool

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