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Food Battles is a unique educational board game for kids. Play the Food Battles game for a novel introduction to the major organs, their location and function within our bodies, focusing on the digestive system and how diet effects our health. Players must collaborate to win food battles and achieve a healthy human body! ✅ WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Food Battles comes with everything you need to feel like a real biologist; Move around the digestive system, learning about vital organs and healthy foods, winning (or losing) food battles along the way! Includes board game, dice and playing pieces. ✅ WHY CHOOSE THIS STEM GAME: To see your child tackle the challenging subject of biology … with ease! OjO’s STEM board games take tricky topics and make them accessible and fun with exciting, engaging and colourful learning toys. By approaching STEM topics at an early age with OjO’s educational toys, your child can develop future skills & become a future innovator. Science Toys, STEM Learning Toy

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