We are a proud drop-off location for ShareBaby:

"ShareBaby seeks to address the unmet basic needs of Baltimore’s most vulnerable young children through the distribution of diapers and other essential items. ShareBaby is taking action every day to combat diaper need and material insecurity - helping to reduce stress, depression, and barriers to work for families and helping to reduce severe diaper rash, infection, and anxiety in the lives of the babies we serve. ShareBaby has grown tremendously since its founding in November of 2014 when it distributed a few hundred items each month through a network of friends and family. ShareBaby now operates a fully equipped 9,000-sq. ft. warehouse, reliably delivering over 200,000 diapers and other essentials per month to more than 15,000 of Baltimore's most vulnerable children. We also offer a full pantry of baby supplies and gear for our more than 60+ community partners and work diligently to fill their customized wish lists."

If you wish to make a donation, please visit us during our business hours to drop off your items.